5 Most common mistakes when implementing a new system

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The 5 most common mistakes Call Centres make when implementing new solutions:

Regardless if you are a 10 seat Call Centre or a 500 seat Centre there are some common “what not to do” when implementing a new solution.

Firstly- DO involve your staff- all your staff
We understand that not everyone is part of the buying decision, however no one likes to be kept in the dark and arrive to find themselves confronted with new technology. Communicate the company goals and objectives, remove the “fear factor” and half the battle of “change” is won.

Don’t let it be a secret that new software is on the horizon once the buying decision has been made and DO ensure that effective communication as to why new technology is important to the business, no matter what the reason is.- better management, better reporting, more cost effective, more control, features, flexibility…

Secondly-Train, train and train again.
The more comfortable everyone is in the application the easier the transition will be and the sooner you will reap the rewards.

Thirdly-Go back to the first most important mistake
Ensure you have communicated the business need, the concepts, the solution and that everyone is excited by the “new plan”. Often we underestimate the huge factor our “staff” play in ensuring our vision and its success.

Fourthly-Yes- you guessed it, train, train and train
…hands on, daily, reinforce the use of the new technology,the reasons why it is in everyone’s best interest and make sure that the outcomes are the same throughout the environment and not open to interpretation.

Fifthly-Change is hard
Understand that change is difficult, you will “go backwards” before you “go forwards” and that the
short term pain will be worth the long term gain.

Our experience has taught us, bad communication linked hand in hand with lack of training is a sure
recipe for failure and the longer it will take to gain that forward momentum and see positive return.

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