Salesforce Commerce Cloud – End Users Database

Hi, Do you want to send Campaigns to Companies and Contacts who are using Salesforce Commerce Cloud? If so, Please let me know so I can share counts, samples and pricing details. Investing is a way to transform your wealth portfolio and unlock opportunities for your future, all what you need to know about this topic[…]


The 5 Deadly sins of IVR

The 5 deadly sins of Integrated Voice Response As someone who has been in the telephony technology game for many many years, I have had the privilege of being privy to many IVR implementations, some good, some bad and some real ugly! (There is only so much one can do) I have therefore also been[…]


The fine Art of “Inclusive Customer Service”

No one likes to be left out! No one deserves to be excluded! No one asks to be ignored! But that is what is happening daily in our Customer Service environments! We cater for the mainstream, the bulk of our clients and we tend to treat them like sheep or rather as “lambs for the[…]

“You don’t know, what you don’t know, until you do”!

Well here are few “knows” you should know! Reduce operating cost :  for every 1% improvement in First Contact Resolution (FCR), a call center  can reduce its operating costs by 1%. If a call center is maintaining at the FCR industry average of 70% (what we know), then, potentially, 30% of customers will have to[…]


How to improve your Customer Service for Free!

Start at the top of the organization! Yes, you read this correctly! It starts with the people who never/seldom take a single Customer Service call. It often amazes me, when I ask the question of the CEO/President of a company, when last did you “speak” to your customer- not your top clients, but the general[…]


If you are not empowering then you are Impoverishing!

    As I have got older, I have defiantly started to ponder the “meaning of life” and often reflect on “how do we really create change”? How did we as a society, become “THIS”! A greedy, cruel and power hungry world. Maybe we have been this all along. Perhaps it is hereditary and is[…]

hand that feeds you

5 Most common mistakes when implementing a new system

    The 5 most common mistakes Call Centres make when implementing new solutions: Regardless if you are a 10 seat Call Centre or a 500 seat Centre there are some common “what not to do” when implementing a new solution. Firstly- DO involve your staff- all your staff We understand that not everyone is[…]


Are you ready for the Cloud?

A 10 point check list to determine if your Call Centre is ready for the cloud!   As with all our communication and opinion, we try to ensure we talk from hard earned first-hand experience, these are the most common myths made when making a “cloud” decision. 1- IT WILL BE CHEAPER- MORE COST EFFECTIVE[…]


Games in your Call Centre?

Playing silly games in the Call Centre, does it really motivate our staff- have we employed adults or children? I often get approached in this regard- what is good business practice, should we motivate, how often do we motive, with what do we motivate, do we manage this internally, or do we get an external[…]