We all know the cost of attracting new customers is far higher than maintaining existing ones. We also know that attracting new clients takes time, effort, a plan and consistent contact, yet we are all so willing to watch our clients leave because we believe we can’t afford to service them!


How can this be possible?

We spend thousands in advertising and marketing to attract them in the first place and then intentionally chose to let them leave, because it’s cheaper!


Customer retention is critical to the survival of all business and yes there is the 80/20 principle to take into account, however you cannot ever be sure at what point a customer will move in or out of either category.

In addition you cannot be sure which of your customers they will take with when they move. You may have the rest of their family on your books!

Retention is becoming more and more important and the sooner we incorporate it within our Customer service strategy the better.

We all know that moving your business, changing your brand, habits, routines is stressful and often not really what we want to do, but felt like we had no choice, because the company we were dealing with didn’t care about us. With a retention process in placeĀ ensuring follow up’s and call backs you can reduce your customer walk rate.

Think about this for a moment- if one customer is worth $1000 a year to your organization and you are loosing a few thousand a month, then the ability to reduce the number of them leaving can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

With the Tamaya platform in place, you can create a retention workflow that is automated and part of your process. Retention should be handled immediately by specifically trained staff, who are well skilled in listening, never anger and who are empowered to offer alternatives and discounts.

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