If you are not empowering then you are Impoverishing!




As I have got older, I have defiantly started to ponder the “meaning of life” and often reflect on “how do we really create change”? How did we as a society, become “THIS”! A greedy, cruel and power hungry world. Maybe we have been this all along. Perhaps it is hereditary and is part of our genetic make-up- maybe we cannot change!

I am often overwhelmed at the reach of corporations. Dismayed and horrified at the lengths to which they will stoop, to ensure their control and continued growth of their profit margin.

We are a world were corporate wealth is not shared by the many, but savoured by the few. How does this still happen today in an “educated,” society?

I understand that no matter where we look in history, there has always been those with more than others and I’m “OK,” with that. There has always been, “the lucky few,” the “farmer,” who owned land and those that “worked,” it. The people that “owned,” factories and those that “worked,” in them and a government to take its share. But somewhere in all this, we have lost the plot and politics and greed, both personal and corporate have won out!

I can understand the imbalance of the past, the vast crater between the “have’s,” and the “have not’s.”

Access to education should have been one of the biggest equalisers of “wealth,” how so is it that we are still in the same (if not worse) position? The gap is now wider than ever, the few with so much and so many with so little?

How are we as “educated,” people allowing this to continue? We are a very educated population compared to our forefathers, who had no skills to stop poverty or technology to drive change. How is it that we are still the “slaves,” to so few, when we are the masses and that without us, the top dogs would fall? Why are we not “revolting,” and “boycotting,” rather than “conforming,” and “supporting.”

I understand we need corporates and government and they need to be profitable. Like them, I want a nice car and a nice house and I also know and understand that socialism does not work! I also have needs and wants, I get it.

You do need to work for your money and hand outs does not resolve poverty, it perpetuates it and creates a society is lazy louts and bored drug addicts (my opinion only)

I also understand that “making coffee” is a menial task compared to running a corporation and the hours (skills, education) required to do the two jobs is somewhat different- I get it!

But here’s the thing! If the person you are paying to make your coffee, can’t afford to buy coffee, then how do they ever learn to make better coffee? How do they get to feel as “invested,” in your coffee as you, if you are so determined to keep them out? How do you get a “better,” cup of coffee, by “cheating,” the coffee maker? You’re an educated person- YOU DON”T!

So, you can continue to make huge profits for the few by continuing to impoverish the many, but in the long run, your coffee is going to get worse and worse and will eventually become undrinkable. You’re killing the “Golden Goose,” with your greed! You are “biting the hand that feeds you”.

Therefore if you are not enriching the lives of the people employed by you, then you are ultimately slowly but surely impoverishing them. If you cannot see that “bigger,” profits for the few, is not a sustainable solution, then you are not as educated as you have been given credit for and perhaps you too should learn to make coffee!

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