Improved Customer Communication

Never before has the ability to communicate with your customer been as important as it is today!

Social media and the rate at which information travels globally has never been faster. Today, everyone has an opinion, a voice and no one is afraid to use it.

Historically there was only one channel by which your customer could reach you, that was the Telephone (voice). This is no longer the case!

Today, we have to service not only multiple generations but also technologically savvy generations, who prefer to use alternate methods of communicating with us.

With the VASoft Tamaya platform, no matter the channel, we are able to ensure the communication is delivered to the right person, at the right time and that a reply is delivered using the same channel or redirecting the communication to ensure prompt, efficient service delivery and call resolution.

The Tamaya platform default modules include:

    • Integrated Voice Response for both Inbound and Outbound call management
    • Voice recording of all calls for Quality, Assessment and Training purposes
    • Multiple Campaign Management
    • Multiple Inbound Call Routings
    • Workflow Management
    • Reporting
    • Auto Attendant
    • SMS
    • eMail
    • Voice

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