The Cellular industry is a cut throat business.

Margins are tight, call volumes are high, customers expectations are high. In addition the customer is often very vocal about the service they receive.

However your customer service is possibly the one area as a cellular service provider that you can ensure you can stand out from the competition.

Here is how we can help you:

You need a solution that offers you the ability to communicate across all communication channels, like email, Skype, SMS, and it needs to ensure that all follow up correspondence is automated to reduce the workload on your agents.

Your system should be aimed to impress with sophisticated options, self help suggestions, money saving tips and special offers.

Your customer wait time should be less than 30 seconds religiously and your staffing issues and high call volume problems should NOT be shared with yourcustomers

You need to impress with a slick streamlined solution that is able to handle high call volumes as well as ensure that those long technical help calls are managed outside of the mainstream. Information gathered in your call centre as to why your customers are calling, should be easily made available daily via youtube video’s.

With the implementation of the Tamaya platform, we can ensure you will meet these objectives as well as a number of others.

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