The Financial institution are often culprits of Outsourcing their Customer Service in an attempt to reduce costs, however our suggestion would be for you to remain in control.

Ensure the outsource company is making use of your systems and that your technical staff maintain, support, configure and manage the system from one side to the other. Ensure the staff are managed by you, trained by you and can generate all the reports and make the necessary changes.

In your attempt to reduce costs, don’t give away your client completely. Ensure you have full access to every aspect of your environment and limit the access of the outsourced company. You always want to know who called, when they called and why they called in order to best serve you customers.

We can help you with this, as our solutions cross borders and oceans, making sure your are real-time and live in all countries. Within our solution you have the ability to determine roles and screen access by screen and login.

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