Fast Moving Consumer Goods is somewhat different to the retail market.

Our experience in this industry comes from a wide variety of clients, who service very demanding customers.

We have been fortunate enough to be involved with some significant world brands including the likes of KFC, Parmalat, Fatis and Monis to mention a few.

We understand that then it comes to FMCG your environment, must be scalable to handle all kinds of emergencies and marketing opportunities as they are presented.

Flexibility is critical and the ability to troubleshoot and make decisions is imperative. Your customer service is key to ensuring your brand moves from the shelf on a daily basis.

This is how we can help you:

We understand how important your customers are to you and that often your brand is perceived as good as your service. We also understand that often themargins on FMCG items are usually low and your sales volumes high, meaning your product does not carry much margin for elaborate Customer Service Solutions. You need a cost effective, streamlined solution that is user friendly and stable.

However like all our clients, you understand the value of servicing your customer to be best of your ability. The best customer service strategy you could roll-out is one that offers your customers three things:

Ensure your products undergo a strict quality control process prior to leaving your manufacturing facility.

This is often overlooked in the big picture of service. Customer Service does not start once your product has been purchased, but long before when youordered your raw materials. If you ensure that your standards are high throughout the process, then, when your customers purchases your product, you should have little or nothing to worry about. This is the best way to reduce customer service costs, without spending a cent.

Offer your clients the ability to help themselves. This is often easier said than done and can be complex depending on your returns policy and inventory systems. We have seen clients offer a “portal” into complex back office solutions, however without “user training” the poor client was never going to be able tohelp themselves.

Always empower your staff to make a decision in your customers favour. Arguing over a spoilt yoghurt is more detrimental to your brand than replacing the item or sending a voucher.

With the implementation of our Tamaya platform, we can offer you a solution that is tailored to fit your requirements and process, will integrate to exiting back end solutions and systems facilitating all three of the above objectives.

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