VASoft specialize’s in customer service software and solutions, for companies with unique requirements, be that unusual integration needs, legacy solutions or simply in need of something with your own special flair.

All of our products are designed to be modular, expandable, scalable, flexible, user friendly and stable. We have worked hard to ensure that no matter the requirement we will always have a solution to meet the both the budget and deliver the impossible

We deliver unique telephony solutions,customized to meet your needs,wants and expectations.

      Our off the shelf solutions include:

    • PBX
       PBX or as the acronym indicates, Public Branch Exchange has changed somewhat in recent the years.Historically a PBX was a huge piece of equipment, usually installed in a dark room, hidden deep within the building and where very people actually knew what it was.This equipment was like a big box of magic tricks, that required special training to configure and manage.Every company needed one in order to receive telephone calls from outside the company to one central place, usually called the “switchboard” or “reception” and then, they would reroute the calls to the right person within the company.The biggest issues experienced with the PBX of old, was they were complicated to program, they where usually large, and they offered no actual intelligence to the company as to who was calling, how often they called, who they spoke to, how long they spoke or why they called.
      Remember, when the PBX was first introduced, there were few computers and NO network. Your telephony and your computer network were separate cables and entities. This is no longer the case,and as networks have expended and became more and more important in the business environment and the ability to route and manage the data travelling along this connection grew, it really was only a matter of time before voice would be able to use the same infrastructure.Today, this technology offers customers so much more than a black hole.Today our PBX’s come in a variety of flavours, from physical equipment (which is still kept in dark rooms), to virtual solutions that work over the Internet and reside in the “cloud“.

      Never before have we, as both, consumers and suppliers had as much choice. From Asterisk, to Mitel, Cisco and  Samsung, we are able to provide a “PBX” to meet your specific requirements. You see, at VASoft, we have always remained PBX brand independent. We have always believed in working with our clients, making use of either existing technologies, or replacing them with a solution that will work our client in both the short term and the long term. We are able to offer our clients VoIP solutions that are either virtual or physical and even a mixture of both. Today, you can be sitting in LA on your cell phone using your data connection, whilst being part of a virtual PBX, that is hosted in a server farm in Montreal. All the information, like who called, when they called, how often they called is available to you. In addition, you can voice record the conversations, have voice mails transcribed and emailed or sent as text messages. If you would like to have a conversation with regards your next PBX solution and the value add it can offer you, please feel free to call us on 9054810170   

    • IVR
      Integrated Voice Response or Auto Attendant: The adven t of IVR allowed companies to create a way of managing more calls with less human resource.  A company would implement an IVR, in order to remove the human “Switchboard” or ‘Reception”,essentially giving the caller the work to do. You as the caller need to take action by using a numeric menu to get through to the right person or department.An IVR can be very effective if implemented correctly, they can also be very frustrating to a caller if the menu’s options are too many, the options include more than one department, the caller is not instructed what to do and when to do it. IVR’s can be a great asset to company, depending on the demographic of the client, however they can also put a distance between you and your client, especially if your client wants to speak to someone to resolve a problem. What can happen and does happen, is that call durations increase, first time call resolution decreases, and frustration levels increase, because you as the caller have to listen to all the options and then try and make the “best” choice. The introduction of an IVR should be well thought out, tested and used by everyone internally within the company. In this way it will ensure your menu options are clear it will highlight when a disconnect in the call flow happens. To many times, and IVR is implemented and their is no “help”.  Click here to See the 5 dealy Sins of IVR, that you should avoid at all cost  
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    • CRM
    • Automated Marketing
    • Workflow
    • SMS marketing
    • Outbound Telemarketing Software Solutions
    • Inbound Customer Care/services and Solutions
    • Predictive dialling
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